Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a serious condition which affects 23% of adults in the United States. Metabolic syndrome can be defined as:

A fasting glucose>100

B systolic blood pressure>130 and diastolic>

C HDL cholesterol <40

D Triglyceride level>150

E Abdominal obesity

These risk factors increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

What leads to metabolic syndrome is obesity, lack of physical activity, genetics, and possibly aging. As I have stated in my previous posts, we are in the middle of an OBESITY epidemic. This article published just today in internal medicine confirms my thoughts.

Metabolic syndrome is a serious condition that must be addressed aggressively by yourself and your physician. If treated properly it can be controlled or even eliminated. It starts with reduction in weight through an increase in physical activity and a heart healthy diet. Fish, fresh vegetables, and whole grains should be eaten and processed foods should be eliminated.

Consult with your primary doctor so they can monitor your glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Doing so can help prevent future cardiovascular events without having to rely on medications. It is all up to you!