Anthony DeLuca MD on the Obesity Epidemic in America

Today, Americans are fully aware of the opioid epidemic that exists in society. But is America aware of the looming obesity epidemic with our children and adolescents?

CDC data from 2015-2016 shows nearly 1 out of 5 children adolescents are yes: OBESE. The fact that number is up to 20% is staggering.  It is a simple formula; you consume more energy than your body uses for functioning.

In my opinion; the culprit is easy access to fast foods, beverages, and high calorie wasteful snacks. What are we surrounded with are fast food chains from McDonald’s to Dunkin Donuts to Popeye’s. The list goes on. Combine this with our children’s lack of activity and you get an increase in obesity.  How long do your children sit and play video games instead of being outside playing basketball or soccer with friends? Think about it.

All we hear about today are increasing healthcare costs in the country. Obesity predisposes individuals to hypertension, cardiovascular disease diabetes and even cancer. What do you think the healthcare costs will be for the next generation?

We can correct it, but it must start now. Families, schools, and the medical community must work together. Families can prepare well balanced meals. Schools can educate our children on the best foods to eat. They also can provide better lunches. The medical society must intervene with treatment if needed, in addition to education and counseling. It must be a coordinated effort to combat the next epidemic. We owe it to our children, but we must act now the future is now